Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today with Dr. Rajabi

Well, went to see Dr. Rajabi today.  He said the MRI didn't show anything.  This is good. We don't want to find any other issues, but neither could he see her feet in it to look at the club foot.  He did say her brain looked great. Overall, I don't think it was as helpful as he hoped.  He was in a happy mood, maybe since it was time to go home.  Cayla weighs 4lbs. 4oz. now which he said is very good.  Both of us checked out in great shape.  :o)

He asked me if I had any questions... Well,  I said that my husband has Good Friday off and the Monday after Easter as well.  I'd be 37 weeks along with my delivery at 39 weeks, only 2 weeks later. So I asked him how far away if at all we could go that weekend, and he laughed!  He said we can't go anywhere out of town that weekend... that's all we need, is for you to end up in Timbucktoo and go into labor... He said it all with a big smile on his face.  I knew the answer, just wanted to ask anyways. :o)  He said we'd probably need some time away before the baby and to go somewhere now.  It just doesn't work that way when you've only worked somewhere 5 months.  I would guess we could hang out in Cleveland... they do have a new aquarium now... No, I know, we just need to have family come up here for Easter... Jim, Marla, are you listening? You're the closest.  Dad, Pat?  Any takers?  I'll even let you cook Easter dinner for everyone... I'm generous that way. ;o)  Dad, I do still have your sweater and Pat's crock pot... 

Anyways, tomorrow will be a long day.  We all go to meet the genetics counselor tomorrow at 1pm, then Dr. Stewart the surgeon at 2pm and then a grand tour of CC and Ronald Mcdonald House with Nurse Mary Lou at 3pm.  I'm sure I'll be writing about it in another entry.  Until then... :o)

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