Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cayla's MRI

Linda Joy and Cayla Joy

The picture is for those who've been asking. This was last Saturday night, Feb. 25th at about 31 weeks.  Not too bad of Cayla, but I need to try again when I'm a little fresher looking in the morning.  :o)

Cayla had her MRI last Thursday, March 1st.  We got to have it in the pediatric MRI room which actually was helpful for me.  Nurse Mary Lou met us and stayed the whole time.  She does her job well, and is very helpful.  I laid down in front of  "the tube".  The lady then wedged a pillow in my back to keep me off my back at a 45* angle while trying to keep me from flipping off the other side of this contraption. She then put some big panel thing over Cayla and strapped us in for the ride.  As she raised us up to the level of the tube, she was explaining that she didn't want my arms down in the tube at the angle I was at, so they ended up wrapped around my neck and chest.  Needless to say that after 40-45 minutes they were both pretty numb and sore. She put head phones on me but poor Cayla didn't have any...  Then we were slid into "the tube".  Not a whole lot of room in there, especially at the angle I was at and being pregnant.  I asked her later if this was the child size one, :o) but she said, no, they're all about this size. The machine started with it's lovely, loud, vibrating, warm buzzing.  I found it hard to relax and realized every time it started, I was breathing heavily.  I knew that could mess up their picture taking, so, remember I'm in the pediatric room, which was nice because they had little fishies on the ceiling and on the side wall they had "Finding Nemo" playing on a large, flat-screen TV.  I realized the audio of the movie was faintly playing in my headphones, so I tried to lean my head back, watch the movie out the end of "the tube" and focus on it instead of "the tube".  It actually helped, and I did fine with my breathing after that.  Glad I wasn't in the big people's MRI, it wouldn't have been as much fun, I'm sure.  ;o)  I was actually getting really sleepy, but the machine just wouldn't let me doze off with all it's noise. She said they got a lot of good pictures, and Dr. Rajabi would go over them with me probably next Wed. at my appt.  So, we wait and see.  I can't imagine who comes up with things like taking pictures with a magnet.  Amazing really. 

Overall it was pretty painless once my arms got feeling back in them.  Once again, so thankful for insurance.  We found out that we have a $2,500 cap max at 80/20 payments and then insurance will pick up 100%.  This is so wonderful because there are so many specialist we're having to see and tests done that are already adding up to a huge amount.  We haven't even got to the C-section surgery, then the big whoppers of Cayla's surgeries and all the follow-up time spent at CC.  We are hoping both of her 1st two surgeries will fall within the year 2012 under the same deductible.  Her first one will be around 3-5 days after birth and then the 2nd one is supposed to be sometime between 3-6 months.  My delivery date is Tuesday, April 24th, so it appears they should both be within this year.  That would be great.  :o) 

Well, it's time to get to that laundry pile, do some dishes and make stuffed peppers for dinner.  If I get ambitious, I might take the time to make up a batch of my mother-in-law's veggie soup with some London Broil steak that was on sale this week.  Lowell and Samuel can have most of the stuffed peppers this week since rice just shoots my blood sugar level way up. I bought 12 green peppers at $.50 a piece, but she rang them up wrong and there was no supervisor around to fix it, so after a while she just insisted we take all 12 peppers for $1.00!  Lowell was the one who pointed out her mistake to her.  We tried, but I guess God wanted us to have some inexpensive stuffed peppers.  :o)  He's good like that! 

Speaking of financial blessings... we also received a check from a friend this week for quite a bit to buy us a new mattress or whatever we needed.  SO amazing!  The family of God is so wonderful!  In this day and age when money is tight, it really is amazing to see people willing to be used of God in other's lives.  Thanks for your prayers!  God is answering and providing for us through this time in many, many ways!!  :o)

Have a blessed weekend and Lord's day tomorrow!

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19


  1. So glad that MRI is behind you. It sounds like you did just great thanks to Nemo!! Praying for you and Baby Cayla, for Lowell, and for Samuel. Your testimony of faith through all of this has been amazing and has touched my heart. May His peace and love continue to sustain you all.

    Blessings!!! ~~ Susan Dean

  2. So good to "see" you after all these years. You look great!

    1. Thanks! Hoping to take some more pictures soon too. Your mom has many family photos with you and all your "big" kids too! They do grow up fast, although looking at life now with Cayla and being 42, it seems like it will be eons from now before she grows up! It's all good though! :D Looking forward to it with God's strength!