Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pictures of our precious Cayla Joy's 1st 2 days in this world!

Cayla a couple of hours after birth.  Notice anything??  There's no oxygen, tubes, etc.... just monitors!!!  She is doing so amazingly well!  :o) 

Grandma (Lowell's mom) with Cayla

Big brother Samuel and his new little sister Cayla... almost 17 years apart!

Cayla's little, left, club foot.  It almost makes it look like 6 toes instead of 5,
but she has all the right number of fingers and toes! 

The new, complete Sowry family the day of her birth! 

This morning I got to hold her, cuddle with her, love on her, kiss her all over and she knew my voice and responded to me so amazingly!!  It was wonderful!   Plus she was wanting to nurse with that instinct to turn to me and that little open mouth searching!!!  :o)  But I couldn't yet until they knew more about her surgery.  They weren't sure when her surgery would be.  If it was going to be this Friday, they weren't going to feed her until after surgery and just use the IV with electrolytes.  If the surgery wasn't going to happen until next week, then they would start feeding her this afternoon.  I had to wait, but she was sooo ready!  

Just look at that little chubby face!!!  I can't believe she's ours!!!  Had so much fun kissing that little face all over and just breathing her in!!  I was actually able to pump a good bit of milk this evening I think because I got to spend so much time with her today! 

I could've sat all day with her, but my uterus was contracting and throwing me into great fits of pain and had to go back to my room.

We had an awesome mother-daughter talk and cuddle time this morning before lunch.  :o)  So, so sweet!

Last shot this morning before they came and got me.  So much fun!

Grandma got to have sweet Cayla cuddle time too!!   Love how she's looking right at her and listening! 
You can see she's pulled off almost all of her monitors.  The little stinker... :o)

Grandma and Cayla discussing something very important.  :o)

Lowell and Samuel seeing her before we left this morning.  So, so sweet!  We are all so much in love with this little girl it's going to be hard not to spoil her.

Grandpa (my dad) and Cayla Joy who was now ready for sleep time!

We went back at 2pm to see the lactation specialist and the boys got cuddle time with her for the first time!  :o)  Samuel and his baby sis! 

The big brother and the little sister!  He was so comfortable holding her!  Loved every minute of it! 

Grandpa getting snuggle time with little miss Cayla Joy! 

So precious!  She was starting to get really sleepy.

Daddy cuddling and talking to his little princess even though she's starting to just want to sleep.  When she started crying on her bed, he just stepped right over face to face with her and started talking to her and she instantly got quiet and just listened to him.  It was sweet to watch!  She loves and knows her Daddy already too!  :o)

Proud Daddy with his precious Cayla Joy!!

Me and my precious Cayla Joy this afternoon!  I actually got to nurse her and she latched right on so beautifully!!  What a huge answer to prayer!  Problem was, she was so tired that she'd latch on, suck a little bit and then fall completely asleep and stop nursing.  So, we will get to try again tomorrow morning. Yay!   :o)