Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Samuel is my precious 16 1/2 year old.  When we moved to Ohio, he had just started 7th grade.  We were homeschooling him since we weren't settled anywhere and didn't know where God was taking us.  When God moved us to Ohio in Sept. of 2007, we bought the Sonshine Corner Christian Bookstore.  We continued homeschooling since he'd already started the year with that.  It turned out well, with him being able to help at the store and be a part of all we were doing with our family business.  He learned a lot, and God allowed us to be part of a local homeschool group there in Jefferson.  He had friends down the street, and some that would come over after school and such.  Overall it worked well, maybe not perfect, but it's right where God wanted us to be.  The first year went so well, we just kept homeschooling at the store the next couple of years.  Well, we had to close the store on July 30, 2011. 

So, last fall, starting 11th grade, it was just me and Samuel at home, now that Lowell had got a new job in October.  I saw him take his work so much more seriously and really strive to do better and keep up good grades.  It was a good fall.  He had his driver's licence and could drive himself to see friends back in Jefferson or wherever as long as he picked his dad up from work at 5pm. I have to admit, I kind of worried about him stuck with me at home as his teacher.  He has online teachers which has been wonderful since high school was a long time ago for me.  But I still felt like he needed more in his life.  I compared him to me growing up... as I was called the social butterfly of the family.  But he is so different than I am.  I had many, many friends and  was always trying to do things with them at any chance.  Girls and boys are so different.  Samuel is not craving all that drama and craziness I had and we think children need.  They don't.  God had to open my eyes that even though he's an only child and homeschooling, it's a great way to grow up (despite me).  There are worse childhoods... He has had so many opportunities that going to school wouldn't offer.  And yes, school offers a lot of opportunities that I can't with homeschooling, but I'm good with the trade off.  There is only one Christian High School in the county.  It's an ACE school in Conneaut, the northeastern most corner of the county, a good distance from us.  With one car, finances, logistics and all, it just hasn't been feesible to send him there.  God knows.  Would like to be able to send him to a Christian school, but it's been great having him here and being a part of all that's going on our lives! :o) 

People would ask if we were going to have more children, and of course we were!  I never wanted to  have an only child.  I loved growing up with my brothers and sister picking on their poor, little, innocent sister... ;o)  No, don't bother asking them if it's true, it's not.  I was the bratty little sister at times, but who's talking about that...  I just always wanted at least 6 children and told God that I'd take more if that was His will.  Well, after all these years, we just had one.  We've never not tried nor have we done anything with fertility drugs.  Just never felt comfortable with that.  I've had doctors tell me that they were surprised I was able to have Samuel.  I'm just glad God gave us Samuel when He did.  Now at 16 that he's going to have a sister is quite a shock to him.  He is so, so excited.  It has been hard to accept the possibility that God could still take her home to heaven, but God is giving us all the peace to accept His will, whatever it may be.  He's had his moments, but is learning to trust God in a whole new way.  He's been able to go to most of my appointments, meet the doctors, see Cayla on the ultrasounds, and be part of this whole process.  That's pretty neat since he can do that with homeschooling.  He was the only one there with me when we first heard the news about Cayla having heart problems and we had our good cry when we got home that day.  I love him for his sensitive heart.  God is working in His life through these hard times to smooth off some of those rough edges.  I know many people throw their hands up with having teenagers, but I love having a teenager!  I love talking with him, (still workin on him expressing himself and talking more... maybe if I didn't talk so much he'd have more of a chance...)  :o) but that's been one of my goals this semester.   He's wanting to get a job this summer and through next year, Lord willing.  I don't know how it will work with one car and all, but we'll see.

It's been a bit of a process to accept where God has us now without the store and not in cozy little Jefferson anymore.  I prayed and cried to the Lord to show us what we need to be doing and all I kept getting was what felt like silence.  I realize now that there is nothing extra we need to be doing. It's not maybe how I envisioned him growing up, but it's what God had in mind for him.  This second semester has been so wonderful.  I'm finally realizing what a treasure I've been given in homeschooling him.  I know his weaknesses and have jumped right on working on those in his life.  We are reading and studying through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation together for about 45 minutes every morning.  We get up at 6:30 and he does his workout. If we need the car that day, he takes Lowell to work and picks him up.  He's becoming the man God wants him to be.  We still have some areas we're working on, but this time with just him and me has been wonderful and such a special time for specific training and building such a great relationship between us.  He has seen God work first-hand, and has been able to be there to help me through this pregnancy and all.  I love him more than ever and am very proud of who he's becoming in Christ.  God is good! 

He's been my chauffeur to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, or just running errands for me himself.  He's been a big help with babysitting little Elise on Mondays and Tuesdays .  Actually I have 2 pictures from the other day of the 2 of them.  I guess I'll insert them here.

I do have a prayer request for him this coming week.  The state of Ohio is requiring students to pass OGT's to graduate.  These Ohio Graduation Tests are next week, Monday - Friday from 9:30-11:30am with a different subject each day (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies).  I will not even be able to take him on Monday, his first day since I have to meet with Dr. Lorber in Cleveland.  He has been having a hard time focusing on school with all that's going on in our lives.  I just pray that he will be able to concentrate and do his best.  He has more chances to take them if he needs it, and we've told him to just do his best and we can retake whatever need be next time.  I'm not worried if he passes them all the first time, I just want God to give him peace, let him focus, and do his best at this time.  We appreciate any and all prayers for him next week. Thanks! Ooo, it's after 11pm, I guess I better get to bed... our God is in control! :o)


  1. Samuel, is that really you, all grown up? My most recent memory was of you and Bella on the same team (I think) for Campus Church kids t-ball! Where have the years gone? Your mama sure is proud of you and for GOOD reason. Keep up the great work. Praying for your test...

    1. Thanks Amy! It has been a while and it does seem now that it has gone by quickly! :o) I really appreciate your encouragement and your prayers and also the student's prayers! God is answering! :o)