Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little overwhelmed.

I sat down to write in my blog and just started crying. We are so, so blessed!  God has been so good to us!  I don't even know how much I can go into right now, but I want to.  My feet are swollen and am needing to put them up, but here I sit. 

Today has been one amazing day.  It started with a nice quiet morning eating my last 2 pieces of toast with some eggs.  Church was so good.  Larina's song, "Be Still and Know that I am God" was so beautiful I could hardly play at times.  Then Pastor's sermon on personal revival spoke volumes to me.  I love my church!  I was then invited to my friend Tina's house for a little "bath" instead of a shower.  It was a time of spiritual refreshment where each of the 7 either read Scripture, sang, and just uplifted me and my family to the Lord.  It was great to laugh, sing and pick on Dottie since I can't do that at the store anymore.  :o)  Tina even made sugar-free jello with cool whip that looked like a watermelon even though it was black cherry jello... delicious and some deviled eggs.  She tried to make things that I could eat!  Some people are so thoughtful.  What a sweet time of fellowship.  Thank you Tina! :o)

Our church was having a sandwich and dessert fellowship after church tonight.  When I came home from Tina's, Lowell had already made up the sandwiches and displayed them beautifully on a platter with some tortilla chips in the middle!  He's been so helpful!  I love that man! :o)  I started freshening up for church and was trying to think who was on the schedule to do special music tonight when I realized it was me... You know, I'm blaming all this on the pregnancy.  I grabbed a couple of books of music and headed down to the church.  I kept changing my mind.  I tried to sing, but just don't have the air I need, especially when sitting down at the piano accompanying myself.  I was changing my mind before and during church and couldn't decide what I should do.  During prayer, I put the mic away and decided to play an arrangement of "It is Well With My Soul".  It IS well  with my soul and the song just hit a chord within me and was glad I chose to play that.  God gives you what you need, when you need it.  Then Pastor talked about the Titanic and how a warning had been sent from another ship almost 2 hours earlier, about ice ahead and the warning wasn't heeded because it wasn't coded right.  He said that man who received the message, but didn't pass it on could have prevented many deaths.  We have been given a message from God that's even more important, but we aren't passing it on to warn people of what's ahead in eternity.  I have to say, I was convicted that I need to be seeking people out to tell about Jesus Christ and what He's done and pass on the warning of a very real place called Hell.  Even if I could try to talk to one person a week.  I don't know, but God's still working on me.

Well, Pastor dismissed church and told everyone to head back for a fellowship time.  I had to take my insulin first, so I stayed behind in the sanctuary and got that done.  By the time Lowell and I got back there, everyone was waiting for us and they gave us a very, very special surprise.  Pastor caught us all off guard and asked us to come up with him and presented us with a "money tree"!  They moved the chalkboard and there it was!  Tobias had even origamied some bills with a quarter in them in the shape of a heart with a cross where the quarter came through. Amazing!  I was just stunned. Didn't see this coming and one of the amazing things is that I know this group of people and how well secrets can be kept... they all kept this for 2 months!  I am still shocked!  :o)  I have just never seen anything like this.  I just feel so loved by my church family.  It's not a huge church, but they just gave $1,000 for one of our college girls to go on a missions trip this summer, and they just gave a large sum to our annual 30 Pieces of Silver Offering too.  And then on top of all that, they gave us a lot of money on this tree!!!  Everyone was wanting a seed from the tree to take home... :o)  What an amazing gift!  God is so faithful and getting us through!  Wow! 

I am truly overwhelmed!  I just have to praise God for the people He has put in our lives at this time in our lives!  I can't say enough.  Thank you doesn't even start, but they all know we love them, and we know they all love us!  Thank God for His children! 

It's late now and I need to close up for now.  Thank you to everyone who has been an amazing part of this day and thank you to a great and mighty God!  :o)