Thursday, February 9, 2012

A great day despite the call about Diabetes!

I did get a call this morning saying I have diabetes and have to start immediately on insulin shots and have to test my sugar at least 4 times a day for the rest of my pregnancy.  This is for Cayla right now, to jump start the sugar problem as soon as possible for her sake. I will not have to do insulin shots after the pregnancy.  I think the hardest thing about the call was the surprise and unexpectedness of it.  It did set me off crying I think just because the shock of it all.  I was finally able to talk to the dietitian today and will meet with her tomorrow at 11am.  She will help me figure out menu options that include Celiac Disease and Diabetes. Cruel punishment now that Dairy Queen just opened back up down the road... Ok, so gluten-free/sugar-free here I come.  Got the gluten free down and am sure I will make it just fine without sugar too.  The fun part and best part of all this is that my whole family is going to join me on my sugar-free journey.  They know this, but I'm not sure if they believe it just yet.  Just wait boys... :D  If this helps Cayla, of course I'll do it gladly now that the shock has worn off.  Dr. Rajabi already has my insulin and syringes and "stuff" waiting for me at the Pharmacy.  Yay. I think I'll tell Lowell to buy stock in test strips. :D  I'm just wondering why my OB/GYN didn't call me or jump on this.  I'd been told they'd call if there was a problem, so I assumed all was well.  Oh well, I guess I should be thanking Dr. Rajabi.  There's a bit of twisted irony in that...

Well, I have to say too that God cheered me up considerably the rest of the afternoon. He's good like that! I'd been wanting to find just a couple of long sleeve, light weight maternity shirts to wear when I go out of the house.  Let's just say at home, it's t-shirts and my big sweaters. I have one maternity shirt like this that my friend Tina Siesel bought me for my birthday and has been a life-saver, but I think I need more than one now.  I just felt like driving up to Ashtabula harbor to the Goodwill store to see if they happened to have anything.  I found their small section of maternity and was ready to leave when I realized there was a shirt there that was maternity, but I didn't think it was at first.  I looked at it and thought it might fit, tried it on and it fit great.  Went back to the rack and lo and behold, there was another one just like it but a different color.  So, at $4 a piece, I splurged and bought both of them! What a treat!  :o)  They'll work great.  Thank you Lord for your simple but wonderful provision! 

Then since we were already in the harbor, I had to stop at my favorite store, Basic Ingredients, owned by a sweet, godly lady.  I didn't realize she knew what was going on since last Friday, but found out she's been reading my blog since her church had asked prayer last Sunday night.  Amazing how word spreads! After a great talk with her, she had all my gluten-free flours I needed.  I'm going to try to save money and bake a little more.  Of course, I just now as I'm typing, realize that the dietitian will tell me to cut out bread now that I'm ready and in the mood to bake my own gluten-free bread... Isn't that the way it goes.  Maybe she'll tell me that brown rice flour, sorghum flour, millet flour, tapioca and corn starch and potato flakes combo will be ok. Just reading over the list, I know the corn and potato are huge starches, so no, I probably won't be able to use it... OK, moving on... I did buy some decaf blueberry tea too. Whew!  Now I'm happy again thinking about the blueberry tea. It's all good and God will help me through the next couple of months.   You know, on that note, my OB/GYN put my due date at May 8th.  The computer at Hillcrest Hospital and the ultrasound, put my due date at April 30th.  I like that date much better. Don't you? :o)

The last part of this evening that cheered me up was going to dinner for a friend's birthday party.  So what if it was Pizza Hut, and I had to have their salad bar instead of pizza, but the fellowship was wonderful!  Really good to see friends from the store I hadn't seen in months and others too!  God knows just what I need when I need it!  Thank you Lord for a wonderful day (despite the morning fiasco)!  So blessed to be God's child and in His care!   

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