Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diabetes? I guess so.

Just got a call from my regular OB's office telling me that I'm diabetic, and I have to start insulin shots asap. Really? I just had my blood sugar tested Dec. 13th, non fasting and it was 126. Today she said my blood sugar from the end of January, that covers the last 3 months, was 290 and no one called me to tell me. Dr. Rajabi called my OB and told her to get onto this apparently. For some reason, this news pushed me over the edge this morning, and I cried on the phone with the nurse and then burst into tears after we hung up... I will be one happy camper when my hormone levels aren't quite so high. So, off to get my shower and go to the hospital today and find out how to give myself insulin shots. Just typing this is making me cry again... Aye, yie, yie... I'm a mess. :P Tomorrow I get to meet with the dietitian at ACMC to get some info and such. Wish I could get a hold of myself right now... It's somehow easier to trust God in the bigger things and forget to trust in the "smaller" things. Maybe 1st it's back to Psalms again this morning. :D

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