Friday, February 10, 2012

$400 or so worth of diabetes "stuff" for $40

It's been a long day.  Looking forward to going to bed early.  I first HAVE to share what God did today!  Such an awesome God we serve! I went to my appointment with the diabetes nurse/dietitian.  It was a 2 and 1/2 hour long appointment.  She was so sweet, patient, informative and giving. She went over the whole gestational diabetes info with me.  She went through the whole process of using the machine to test my blood sugar level.  Then she offered me any machine for free of the 8 samples she had on the table.  I told her I didn't know one from the other, so she grabbed what looked like the most expensive one there with a USB port and all and told me she'd go get me a new one in a box.  She said she chose this one because she had the most strips for that one available to give me free.  All the other ones she just had a couple of packs of 10 strips to offer, but this one she had 2 bottles left, one with 50 and one with 25 and gave all 75 to me free.  All the strips for the machines she had cost $1.00 each.  I will be using minimum 4 a day and some days more!  That alone is $75 worth!  The machine was around $50 too.  Then she came back in the room with 2 boxes of syringes that each had 100 syringes in them and said, "They're yours too!"  She was having as much fun giving me all this as I was receiving it!  She threw in a wad of alcohol swabs too.  Oh, and she added a Getting Started Take Home Kit full of supplies too!  I sat there wanting to cry but was too excited, although I do think a tear managed it's way out.  I was overwhelmed.  I honestly don't have a clue how to even really put a price on all she gave me, but I feel blessed!  Maybe she gets to do this with every patient, but I felt like God was right there with me jumping up down with excitement and joy having fun blessing His child!  Such an overwhelmingly amazing feeling!

Well, then the fun really began as she went meticulously through the whole process of shooting myself with a needle... Not the easiest thing for me to do, but she had me actually inject saline solution into my abdomen to practice. Bleh. But I really appreciated her thoroughness and great help!  I had no problem (took me a while) but was able to mix the N and the R into one syringe and do it fine at home my first time. So I think she's a very good teacher to make me get it on my own right away!

After all this, we still had to talk about my meal plans. (boo, hiss) Ok, so it's not as bad as I imagined.  It's not a no sugar diet, but just a low carb diet. She worked with me on substitutions with gluten free foods...and I CAN make my bread and treat it as a slice of whole wheat since there is enough fibrous flours in it. :o)  Let's just say that made me happy.  I left there feeling like I can do this with God's help and even gave her a hug and thanked her for everything! 

What all this meant is that when I went to the Pharmacy, all I needed to get was the actual insulin.  Of course, the price she said to me was $217.00 for it, which made my mouth hang open, but then she said, "Oh, that's not been adjusted with your insurance.  Hold on while we check on this."  So I waited and the other lady told me that will be $50 instead, $25 for each bottle.  Yay!  So she went to run my credit card and I noticed it was only for $40 and asked her if this was a mistake.  She re-checked it and said, no I guess it's only $20 a bottle.  Big smile... SO... I just had to share how God gave us so, so much today for a grand total of $40!!! I just love that!  Jehovah Jireh, my Provider!!

Now, I just need to sit down and figure everything out and get all my ducks in a row... Kinda hard right now since I'm feeling a little scatter-brained, sore and tired.  But, I surely cannot complain after all God has done! To God be the glory!

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