Saturday, February 11, 2012

Insulin, Needles, Lowell and Blueberry Tea

I woke up around 6am this Saturday morning feeling like I can't sleep in since I have so many time slots to schedule in my day... Eating 5 time slots, Insulin 2 time slots, and blood sugar testing 4 time slots.  Looking at my first full day of this, I felt a little nervous.  Then my mind went to the 200 other things I should get done and I started crying.  My husband.  He has been so good through this.  I think I was tossing and turning and must have woke him up, but he just held me close and let me cry and then talked me through my day and all the pressures I feel from other commitments.  He said he feels helpless in this whole situation.  That came as a shock to me, but I can understand what he's feeling.  He is anything but helpless!  He has been so wonderful to me when I've needed him the most.  He's massaged my calf muscles when they cramp up, he's been running around getting things for me, he's just held me close and let me cry healing tears, he's prayed with me and helped me turn all this over to God, he's kept up with Samuel's school work when I've not been able to, he's not minced words with me when I've needed to hear them, he's working all day providing for me so I could be home right now and not working, he bought me blueberry, gluten-free muffins by Udi's (way too expensive, but oh, so, so good), he's loved me unconditionally and been my biggest support through everything. I love him more every day and thank God for him. 

I can face my day with 6 needles and carb counting thanks to my wonderful Lord and Savior.  I must add that with my husband's encouragement and 3 cups of hot blueberry tea, maybe 4 by the time I'm done, (0 carbs) :o) my day is looking good!  Plus, the snow outside is just icing on the cake this morning!

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  1. It's so amazing how the tough times cement a relationship centered on Christ even stronger. I have never felt more blessed to be married to Brian than I have the past two weeks. What a blessing a Godly husband is. Your faith is such a blessing! We're still praying for Cayla and for all of you. Much love..