Friday, April 25, 2014

Build-A-Bear Birthday

Yesterday would have been her 2nd birthday.  I had no idea what to do for it.  I asked Lowell, and he said he had an idea.  He thought it would be nice to go to Build-A-Bear that night and make a bear.  It's always been a joke with us.  Samuel was past the age to get one by the time they came out with them, but we've always teased him when we'd walk by one that we could go build him a bear!  Wouldn't that be fun!?  He'd look at us with that look of... come on mom and dad, cut it out.  So when pregnant with Cayla, we were all excited when we passed BAB in the mall, saying that now we can go with Cayla!  Well that was never to be.

So Lowell thought we should maybe do something that we might have done on her 2nd birthday had she lived.  What came to mind?  Yes, BAB.  :o)  When he suggested it, I thought to myself that that's perfect.  How does he think of these things?  I was drawing a blank.  He's just very thoughtful at times. It was nice.  It gave me something to look forward to for her birthday other than the fact that she wasn't here.  It was perfect really.  We asked his family if they wanted to come, and Grandma, Hannah and Sheylyn were able to come which made it nice too.  It was like our own little party for Cayla Joy.  :o)  I am very thankful to God for the family he's given me.  I am blessed.  We all went to Denny's afterwards for dinner which was a good time of laughter and fellowship.  :o)  Even the ride there and back was fun with Lowell and Samuel cracking jokes with the girls giving it right back to them, Samuel's Yogi Bear impressions, all with all 4 girls crammed in the back seat. Good times! 

I have to add one other thing that happened last night too.  As we left BAB, I saw a bench up ahead, and went to sit down and put our little bear together.  It was actually the bench for the train ride which I didn't realize at the time.  As I was trying to get the tags off our purchases, a girl maybe in her 20's who was obviously disabled, peeked around the corner at me as she was waiting for the train with her friend.  I don't think she could even speak, but it was like she was trying to say something to me.  I don't think she looked at anyone else.  She stared at me and then came and sat down next to me.  She reached over and looped her arm in mine and then took my hand and weaved her fingers into mine.  She sat there with me for a little while until the train came and she had to go.  As we talked about this later, Hannah said how sweet it was that she did that.  The more I think about it, it's almost like she sensed that I was hurting inside and just wanted to comfort me in the only way she knew how.  No inhibitions.  Nothing held back.  It was actually pretty sweet.  I love things like this.  People are amazing. I think sometimes people like this have more intuition or can tune into it more than the rest of us and see and feel more than we give them credit for. This sweet girl blessed me last night, and I thank God for that extra, unexpected blessing.  

Some pics from last night.  I've started two other blog entries over that last weeks, but have not had the time or the emotional energy to finish them.  They will be coming soon I hope.  :o)  Thanks for all the love, notes and prayers for our family this week!  Love you all!  God is good ALL the time!

Heading into Build-A-Bear in Mentor
My nieces Hannah and Sheylyn
Lowell choosing things to find in her heart.  It was cute.
You know, we went through most of the little things to do.
It was just fun and sweet.
By the end of our time here, I was in tears, but not till the end.  :o)
Lowell has a little sound chip that went in her paw that giggles when pushed.
It's was sweet how you could personalize some things.
I got to step on the pedal to make the stuffing flow.
It's very cute how it's all set up.
The lady let all 6 of us choose a little heart to put inside Cayla's bear.
It was sweet thinking about Cayla and her half of heart.
We made up for the difference last night.  ;o)
She's sewing her up. 
Sheylyn and Lowell having fun giving her a "bath".
Her little dress we chose.  So many choices.  It was kind of fun.
I've struggled at times walking by children's clothes in a store
and seeing little dresses that I'd love to buy for Cayla and not being able to.
So doing a little "clothes shopping" for a little dress was precious for me.
Her little head band with a flower at Lowell's suggestion.
Group picture as we were leaving.  I was trying to stop the tears...
Sweet time.  Precious little reminder of Cayla to pass on someday.
We ended up with a bow, dress and shoes.  Couldn't resist.
Such a cute little bear.  Loved the swirled fur on it.
Cayla's portrait by my long-time friend Maria, her blanket from Lowell's work,
and her little Cayla Joy bear.


  1. Linda, Lowell and Sam. What a BEAUTIFUL way to remember little Cayla. You had me in TEARS especially when reading of the young lady just coming up and giving you some silent love and support. I'm sure she was your angel sent by Cayla to give you some love! :) Love you all! God Bless!! Thanking God that you have such a wonderful and supporting family!