Saturday, June 30, 2012


I've been posting a few thoughts on facebook (fb) today.  Even though I woke up around 7am, I didn't get out of bed until sometime around 9am I think.  Then Lowell and Samuel ran some errands as I sat at the computer and read through old blog entries, and family members posts on facebook about Cayla from this week and all the comments from so many people I don't know.  I then sat in the pink chair and read God's Word.  I found myself back in John 14 again.  Love that chapter. 

God lifted my spirits and as I said on fb, "...I really am happy for my little girl. And I would guess that being in heaven is the only place she could be that I could say that."  I fell asleep with verses of peace on my mind until the boys came home.  They wanted lunch and then wanted to play frisbee golf.  All I did was smile at them as I moved to the couch to be more comfortable.  I think they did fine getting lunch by the look of all the dirty dishes they created. I fell asleep for the next hour or two. 

This was another post I wrote on fb, "God is so ever good and faithful. The tears and weeping are still there, but His peace is still there even stronger than those tears. Can't explain it. Just that it's all Him. Doing ok right now. I think 2:15pm is a good time to get my shower and get my day started..."  :o)  They were just coming home from frisbee golf and I did feel a little better after a shower, but I was still tired.  Managed yet another short nap while Samuel was out throwing the football with the Strulls next door.  They are missionaries to Germany home on furlough staying at the parsonage next door. 

We did actually manage to go to Mentor for dinner and a little shopping.  We finally were able to celebrate Samuel's passing all the OGT's (Ohio Graduation Tests) the 1st time around and scoring in the accelerated category on 4 of them and proficient on the 5th one.  He had to take them with a lot going on in his life, yet did so well.  For the shopping part, we bought a pretty box to put some of Cayla's momentos in.  Haven't decided what all will go in there, but I know her pink stethescope will be in there.  My friend Kristi Street was telling me how they did that for their little Matthew, and I thought it would be a nice way to keep some of her special things and memories. 

I also accepted a job offer today.  It is just a few hours, part-time this summer but a few more hours during the fall.  It's at Basic Ingredients in Ashtabula Harbor.  It's where I go to get all my gluten-free flours and such.  Kathy Lovas, a sweet, Christian lady, owns it and asked and since it's not many hours, we felt that it would work well.  We had already determined I would have to work part-time somehow.  So you can come to Basic Ingredients to visit me on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays.  :o)  

Once again it's late and I am still tired despite all the sleep I got today.  I'm not sure if this extreme tiredness is just physical.  I'm guessing it's all inter-related with the emotions and all of this week.  Prayers really are being answered.  My soul is rejoicing for Cayla and her being in heaven.  Still miss kissing that beautiful face.  I found this picture on my step-mom's fb page and want to share it.  Thanks Pat for your photos!

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