Saturday, May 12, 2012

Out of Intensive Care!! :o)

I have a few minutes here at RMH before we head over to see Cayla... in her new room in the cardiac step-down unit! We are out of the NICU and the PICU! We were unable to move yesterday because she had a low red blood cell count and needed a blood transfusion and her feeds weren't up yet to where they wanted them. So, today was the day. Lowell and Samuel took me out for a Mother's Day lunch and we got a call while we were out that a room was available and they moved her! So, we've just got back and in a few minutes will get to go see her in her new room. It is so, so nice having my men here with me! Lowell got to hold Cayla this morning which was so sweet to see. When he walked in she was fussing and he just put his face right down to hers and started talking and she was instantly quiet and looking at him. :o) Love it!
We're doing well. I'll write more later, but thanks for continued prayers. Just happy to be out of ICU so I'll get more of a feel that I really have a daughter. :o) At times she still doesn't seem like mine. Nurses are there changing her diapers, wrapping her up with all the wires, and doing so much in general. I've been very thankful for them and their expertise, but it's going to be nice to have a room where I get to be mom more. I know I'll miss having the nurses there and wish they were back, but all this means we're one step closer to going home. :o) Yay! Well, the internet was down this morning at RMH, so this is about as good of an update as I can do right now. Want to go see my baby girl! :o)


  1. Praise GOD!! :) Cayla and Linda are closer to coming home! Still praying for healing and strength. Cannot wait to meet her!
    God Bless the 4 of you!

  2. Now that's a GREAT Mother's Day gift to you from GOD! Enjoy and...please kiss her for me.

  3. Just wanted you to know I'm still following Miss Cayla's story. Hadn't written much since life started overflowing with Senior Trip and Graduation Prep, but I'm still here and praying! Love to all!

  4. I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift to you, Linda (and of course to Lowell and Samuel as well)!!! Praise the Lord for answered prayers.

    God bless you honey!

  5. Great update! Happy Mother's Day Linda, that is a blessing of a gift! :)