Friday, May 11, 2012

A little time away for me today.

Cayla has been doing so well these last couple of days, that when my friend Tina Siesel came up to see me today, I was actually ready to step away from the hospital for a time.  When I'm by myself, I don't go sit up on the roof pavilion or anywhere else.  I can sit by her window in her room.  I cannot get myself to leave her room.  I leave at night to come sleep at the RMH, but other than that, I'm in her room right where I want to be.  If someone else is there, I will go with them.  It's kind of weird to me, but it's just how I am.  When Tina came, we listened to the doctors' reports, spent some time with Cayla and then we went to a little stream and park not far from the hospital which felt so, so good to be out of the hospital in the sunshine.  Cayla is very stable right now, so I really felt free to enjoy myself outside.  It felt great.  We went back to the RMH and I pumped and then we took a tour of Cleveland looking for a restaurant to eat at.  We ended up in Mayfield at Buffalo Wild Wings and I had their gluten free ultimate nachos... It's been a long time since I've had nachos.  Finished them off tonight as my snack and had 2 chocolate covered strawberries with it from the RMH kitchen tonight.  :o)  I'm suffering, let me tell you!  We came back to spend some time with Cayla as I got to hold her as she fell asleep curled up against me again.  :o)  We never did get her hair shampooed, but the night nurse said it will take a couple of washings and she'd start tonight. 

Cayla was actually not weaned off the heart meds until this afternoon and the cardiac doctors want her in the PICU for 24 hours after being off them before she can be moved to the step-down unit.  So, maybe now tomorrow afternoon we might move... nothing is for sure here. 

They increased her milk intake, but are still giving it to her via the feeding tube.  What the next step is there, I don't even know anymore.  I give up saying what they think will happen, we'll just wait and see instead.

She's opening her eyes so much more and looks like a whole new baby!   I just look at her and try to picture her at home in her crib and no nurses to help, but just us taking care of her.  It's really a little overwhelming and I asked God today if I could really do this.  I guess it's too late to ask that, but I know He will help us, just hard to imagine it all sometimes.

Tired again and will try to upload some pictures.  Have a blessed Friday tomorrow and thanks again for the prayers.  She's doing well!  :D 

AND... Lowell and Samuel will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   : D  (big smiley face)

Tina and Cayla :o)

With good ole Ronald McDonald

Thanking God for a good, godly friend today who blessed me greatly!  Oh, and Happy Birthday Tina!  :o)

The water here over the stones was making such pretty waterfall sounds... Could have sat by the babbling water all day.  So peaceful and relaxing...

My little pumpkin with her eyes open this morning. 

Trying to focus tonight.  :o)  She looks so different since her 1st couple of days.

Been squeezing those cheeks all evening.  :o) 

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  1. You and Ronald are becoming close friends, aren't you? :)
    Glad you had some relax time. Are you all healed up? When do you go visit YOUR doctor?
    Cayla is just so adorable. I hope we will get to meet her sometime soon.