Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Five weeks before D-Day

Yes, in 5 weeks I'll be prepped and will have already delivered little Miss Cayla Joy!  Looking forward to it all, even the unknowns!  I let the boys take pictures this morning since I was up and ready...
 Lowell and his attempt to make his belly bigger than mine... plus a cheesy grin.

 Samuel and his cheesy grin... :o) 
I had just made him take his hand down from giving me rabbit ears,
thus the face of... I almost got away with it...

Me, feeling like an overstuffed pillow.  :o)

Thanks to Brenna Joyner for sending me some maternity tops!  I was looking through the box she gave me thinking, most of this is light, summery stuff.  When will I wear this in Ohio?  Well, with the weather the way it is, it's working out great!  Thanks Brenna!  The pants are from Ginny Klein at church.  Thanks!  Kim Hunsicker hemmed them for me and they work great!  I've been blessed with many gifts from many wonderful people!

Plus, good news from the tax front.  Apparently when you close a business and suffer great financial loss, you get a pretty good tax return... Ok, so a splentacularly good tax return... Didn't see that coming, but God has allowed us when this comes in, to be able to pay off the last of the store bills.  We still have the loan for the store we're working on, but my dad has very graciously taken that over for us and has allowed us now to be interest free to continue paying that off to him now.  He's been a huge blessing in doing this for us!  Thanks Dad! 

Off to help Samuel on his Algebra 2 and then help him with a topic for an English paper.  Meanwhile, I'm going to bake a loaf of gluten-free bread.  Better get going, the day is running away quickly leaving me in the dust... :o)

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  1. Great post! Your boys look great, you are beautiful inside and out!!! Praying for you!