Sunday, December 23, 2012


Pastor's sermon this morning was on Isaiah 6:9.  It talks about what Jesus will be called.  When he got to Wonderful, he said there's a comma after it, and it's not being used as an adjective describing Counselor.  It's a name for Jesus all by itself.  I don't think I've realized that before, nor have I seen this in a list of the names of Jesus.  What a great name.  Wonderful.  He is Wonderful in everything He is and does.  That just made me smile.  :o)

Then he went to Counselor, and I was reminded that I have THE Counselor of counselors to talk to anytime or anywhere.  He's not just A Counselor... His name IS Counselor.  I need Him and His counsel more than anyone else's.  After my blog entry last night, this just jumped out at me this morning.  I love how God works!  This one definitely made me smile again.  A verse came to mind as he was preaching.  Psalm 1:1 "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly..."  I could never go to just any human counselor, they would have to be a Christian using God's Word.  There are some great Christian counselors out there, but since I have no money, unless they'll talk for free, it isn't to be.  But you know, that's ok because I do have THE Counselor of all counselors 24/7 and He doesn't charge.  Big smile.

The next one was The Mighty God.  These are names describing... Jesus.  He is God.  He is the Mighty God.  He can do anything and has.  He had to be who He was to do what He did. I had to write that one down.  I smiled as I said Amen.  :o)

The Everlasting Father... the Father of Eternity.  Then he said, You can't give what you do not have.  I had to think about that.  God couldn't give us eternal life if He wasn't eternal Himself.  He's not being called God the Father, but our Father.

Prince of Peace.  Jesus must be the Prince or there's no peace.  Peace with God is most important. (Romans 5:1 and Colossians 1:20)  If you don't have this, nothing else matters.  Nothing else works.  Then there's the Peace of God, Phillipians 4:6,7.  It's not bought or bottled but purchased by His blood on the cross.  Then the Peace from God found in the opening of all Paul's epistles.  This is the amazing serenity of heart.  I feel like I've been on overload with this!  God's peace is like nothing else.  He ended with saying that our world will always lack peace until they accept God as the Prince of Peace.

Let me just suffice it to say, I was blessed this morning.  (another big smile)  Thank you Pastor Emery for speaking God's Word to me like it's brand new!  I love my church.  I had to share because it applies to everything we've gone through.  My life is anything but perfect, but with Jesus it's sure on the right path and easier to get straightened out when I fall.  Trust me.  Those who are still holding out, just let go and let God!  Giving my life to God is something I will be eternally grateful for and never have nor ever will regret that major decision.  It's yours to make. 

I will close with this thought.  Tonight at our "Evening in December" service, JoAnn Ward read the words to the "Jesus Name Above All Names" poem kind of thing (not sure what to call it).  It went through all the books in the Bible and said how God was seen in that book.  Out of all the things mentioned tonight, the one that stood out to me was Daniel.  She said that in the book of Daniel, He is the 4th man in the fiery furnace.  I just loved that!  He goes through the trials with us.  Delivers us from them while right in the midst of the worst part.  I am feeling so blessed tonight in my salvation from God.  No gifts are necessary this week.  Cayla's with Jesus and I will get to hug and kiss her again.  She's doing fine, and so am I.  I would have done things a little different, but His ways are perfect.  What more is there?  I trust Him and pray that you do too.  And... I'm still smiling... that might also have something to do with the gluten-free pineapple cheesecake I made and am eating... ;o)  Good night and have a blessed Christmas Eve!

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