Thursday, May 17, 2012

We're going home Monday!!!

We are set to be discharged on Monday!!! This is my last night alone here and I am going to try to get another 8 hours of sleep tonight. Plus, I didn't cry tonight when I left... not sure if that's good or bad... :o} I cried plenty of tears during the day to our insurance company, just bawled my eyes out while trying to settle the issue, to Edgepark Medical Supplies too and to Lowell and to Nurse Mary Lou and to Cathy the lactation nurse, and to the nurses out in the lobby and to Cayla. Everyone is so nice when you're crying... I think I just cried almost all my tears out earlier, but I did cry back here at RMH when I thanked the volunteer for all they've done for us. She said it's nice hear someone say thank you. She said many people don't take the time. Just can't say enough about this place.

Did I mention that WE'RE GOING HOME (Lord-willing) ON MONDAY?!?!? :o) I will be glad to be out this little time warp bubble I'll have been in for 4 weeks and sleep with my precious baby girl in her own bed... :o) Thanks for all the prayers!

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