Thursday, May 3, 2012

Surgery possibly Thursday now

Well, here I sit at 11:30pm trying to focus and stay awake another half hour to pump.  So, let's see what I write tonight...

Dr. Stewart came by at 3pm today to say that if he finishes his other surgeries tomorrow early enough, he wants to take Cayla in tomorrow afternoon to do her surgery.  He was getting concerned with the blood flow to her lungs which supersedes the fluid in the lungs and the mucus in the throat.  He said he was having her moved immediately up to the PICU to be prepped for surgery and be ready in case he can do it.  Here's some pictures of her now in the PICU.

No guarantee it will be tomorrow, still could happen Friday morning.  Would love for it to be tomorrow.  The PICU put her on a morphine drip to keep her agitation down.  Didn't work and they had to give her something a little stronger to knock her out and then let the morphine maintain it.  So hard to walk in tonight and see her so lifeless.  If you notice in the above picture, they have restraints on her hands.  She really needs them but it just looks wrong, like she's a prisoner or something.  She's been on morphine all week, but she fights against and still pulls at anything and everything she can get her little hands on. So, seeing her finally not doing that or doing anything is good but sad.  Oh, can 't wait for surgery and we can move on.  This waiting is for the birds.  :o{   Anyways, I'm tired and not focusing well.

The doctors in the NICU this morning spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to balance out Cayla's meds.  Cardiology wants to see more output (urine) from her so they want to increase her liquids.  Neonatology wants to get the extra liquid out of her lungs, so they put her on a diuretic to remove fluids.  These two "wants" are slightly conflicting...  They also want her to increase her calcium.  One of the other things she's taking, depletes calcium...  They had a bunch of things like this to work out.  They apparently did and feel like they are making the best decisions for Cayla. 

Kim and Dave Hunsicker came by to visit today too!  Had fun laughing with Kim over stories we had to tell... :o)

Dad and Pat arrived tonight and we got to go back over to see Cayla. 

Pat took all these photos on her Galaxy tablet.  Here's one more she got of me and our precious Cayla Joy.

Extremely tired, but hopeful she can have her surgery tomorrow.  Thanks for the prayers.  I mean it, really.  Thanks to all who've prayed!   Until tomorrow!  :o)


  1. You continue to be in thought and prayer. We love you all, Linda, and will pray without ceasing. What a comfort our Heavenly Father is. The peace He gives us compares to nothing else. HE is in control.

  2. We are praying throughtout the day! Praying everything from urine output, fluid in her lungs to the needed calcium will all even out~so thankful the Great Physician knows her needs! Praying her surgery will be today. Praying the Lord will give you physical & emotional strength today! So thankful HE is with you during this waiting process! Glad to know that Dad and Pat made it there and are with you. I pray you were encouraged to have visitors! WHat a blessing! You know we would be there in a heartbeat if it were possible! :) We love you and hope to talk with you later today!

  3. I'm praying for Cayla and also for you, Lowell and Samuel as well. Thanks for keeping us posted. Stay strong in the Lord and He will provide the answers as always.