Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quick post-surgery updates...

From this Sunday morning around 10am that I posted on facebook:
"Cayla's breathing tube was taken out this morning at 7am! Her breathing on her own is slowly stabilizing. She still has what looks like an oxygen tube in, but it is just room air going through to help her remember how to breathe on her own. Hopefully she won't need that in for long. They said if she can't breathe well, they will have to put the tube back in... She's actually settled down now a...nd sleeping and breathing ok so that shouldn't have to happen, Lord willing.

Her catheter should be coming out today too. :o)

Dr. Stewart's surgical nurse practitioner came in to see about removing her drainage tube from surgery. She wanted to see her a little more stable before she will remove it. She'll be back later to check on her and try again.

We are unable to touch or talk to her during this time since stimulation is her enemy at the moment... I told Lowell they'll need to put the hand cuffs on me now to stay away...

Thanks for all the prayers!"

From this Sunday afternoon around 3pm that was posted on facebook:

Quick update on Cayla... Her eyes flutter open periodically. She did have some extra oxygen going through the tube this morning, I thought they said she didn't. But, they have cut the oxygen out and she is now just breathing room air. :D They still have her on a small morphine drip. Nothing compared to what she's been on. She's sleeping peacefully. They dropped her calcium line since she's currently retaining what she has. The surgical nurse practitioner came in again to check and said she's waiting to remove the tube again because there's still some fluid coming out. As long as the fluid is draining the tube will remain, but her vitals are where she wants them, for her to be able to remove it.

Quick update on me... everybody just left me. O.o Won't see Lowell and Samuel until Friday night. :o( Yes, I'm done crying for now. I must say it was hard to watch them all drive off. Dad and Pat are dropping them off on their way back to Canada. Incision seems to be fine. Didn't take anything for pain until a motrin at 3pm. Feet are still pretty swollen. Pumping and milk supply good. Ok, enough about me.

Quick update on Lowell and Samuel... they just left me and Cayla. O.o They won't see her again until Friday night. She will be a completely different baby by then. At least I get to be here with her this week as she progresses, Lord-willing. I feel worse for them, not being able to be here.  Samuel will be going through Starbucks withdrawl. Way too handy having their cafe mocha that close...

Quick update on Buddy... don't have one. Haven't seen the bird in 2 weeks. Hope he's not feet up on the bottom of his cage. Shouldn't be since the Strull's are supposed to be looking after him. Although their bird did die... ok, I'm tired. More later!

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