Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A special group of people

Just have to put out a big Thank You to the Ashtabula County Concerts of Prayer Board!   During the last month, I have felt so overwhelmed at times with organizing this year's county-wide Prayer Walk.  Then with all that's happening with the pregnancy, I haven't been able to follow through on certain things I've wanted and needed to do.  This morning was a super example of God's love from you all to me.  I do not want to step down from this position, but knowing that you all will fill in the gap and make this Prayer Walk a success for the glory of God has given me such peace. I love working with you all and will continue to the best of my ability during the next few months to do whatever I can. 

Then the peace I had as this special group of Pastors and prayer warriors put their hands on me and prayed for me and my precious Cayla Joy, was wonderful!  God is in control of my life and Cayla's.  What a great testimony of God's people pouring their hearts out for one another!  I am truly blessed!  Thanks to each one for your prayers and support!

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