Sunday, February 5, 2012

A little background info

Thanks for the prayers and support!  We are blessed with technology available today! 

My husband Lowell and my son Samuel and I have now lived in northeast Ohio for about 4 and 1/2 years.  This where Lowell is from and his family is here.  Our son is 16 and it has been 17 years since I was pregnant.  We owned a local Christian Bookstore here in Ashtabula county and had to close the doors at the end of July 2011.  I could not imagine what God was doing at the time.  I did not realize it, but 2 weeks after we closed, I became pregnant.  I don't think pregnancy anymore... I just don't go there since it's been so long.  I've not had miscarriages that I know of and I'm 42 and my husband is 51.  I thought that I had cancer since my mom had cancer in her 40's.  I wasn't feeling all that great, was sleeping all the time, felt something hard in my abdomen, and occasionaly had pain there too.  I also have Celiac Disease which mimics pregnancy symptoms perfectly, so I just thought I'd eaten something with gluten.  It wasn't until October 20th that my husband put all the pieces together and asked me if I thought I could be pregnant... Let's just say we had a good laugh over that.  As I was laying in bed that night, I kept thinking about that and everything that was happening.  I told myself I'd look to see if I still had an old pregnancy test in my bedside drawer and take it in the morning.  So I did find one, took it and up came a big plus sign.  I looked at the experation date, and it said June of 2009. Well, after the shock wore off, I thought, I can't base a life-altering thing like this on an expired test.  Had blood work done that day and yes, I was pregnant.  What an amazing feeling!  I cried, then cried some more... tears of joy mind you.  I'd told God when we were married that 6 children would be fine, or more if He so desired and after 16 years, I only had one child. I wasn't sure how far along I was and was told maybe 6-7 weeks, but not sure.  I found an OB/GYN and set up an appointment as soon as I could, and found out that week that I was actually 13-14 weeks along.  What a shock!  Actually a good shock since I "missed" my whole first trimester. 

Well, after we had closed our store, my husband had found a job in customer service at Ken Forging in Jefferson, OH. He didn't start that job until Oct. 3rd which meant we had no insurance until January 3rd. So after my initial visit, I waited until January to go back to see the doctor.  I had my blood work done and went for my ultrasound the next week and saw the doctor the next week.  At the ultrasound, I was on the table for an hour and 15 minutes while she took close to 90 pictures.  I thought that was a little odd, but I am older, and I have no idea what they do now-a-days.  Apparently she found a problem with her heart then but of course was unable to say anything.  I went to see my doctor and she was very evasive and told me that she'd like me to see the specialist that comes here every other week from Cleveland.  Well, I had the wrong Friday in my mind and missed that appointment and had to wait 2 weeks and was able to go this past Friday, Feb. 3rd.  This series of ultrasounds led to a talk with Dr. Rajabi afterwards where he told us the news about Cayla Joy.

Well, I'll have to pick this up later.  It's late and I'm tired.  Stay tuned. :o)

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